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Barcelona, 26th of March 2012. Silestone Institute took part in Alimentaria 2012 Barcelona, the International Food and Beverages’ Fair, with the conference “Hygienic Design in Professional Kitchen”. Luis Eduardo Montes presented the main factors to follow when designing a kitchen to reach the highest level of hygiene and food safety.
The conference was held in the Village Zone Demonstrations-BCN Vanguardia, under Restaurama-Alimentaria 2012. The event, which took place from 26th to 29th of March in Barcelona, turned this 5th edition into a meeting point for the hospitality industry.
According to Luis Eduardo Montes, the basic elements to consider for hygienic design of kitchen are the architecture, engineering facilities, installation of machinery and process engineering. The most important principles to be considered are:
  • The description of the different areas and their basic allocations
  • The calculation of the dimensions of the different zones
  • The application of general principles of hygiene:
    • Always forward (no-return) work line that avoids crossover between the various activities and clearly delineates the areas to be used for each task
    • Separated areas: dirty and clean
    • Harmonic integration of spaces
  • The choice of materials used in walls and other structures
  • The study of ventilation, lighting and water supply
  • The selection of furniture, machines and utensils hygienically designed
  • The calculation of capacity of facilities
Hygienic design of the kitchen reduces the risk of food contamination
With this initiative, Silestone Institute carries out the task of developing knowledge and information for professionals and consumers to inform them about the best solutions and products as well as good hygiene practices to improve health and quality of people’s lives. In this area of activity, the role of consumers and professionals is essential, who will benefit from all the advances in a society that increasingly demands safer products and antibacterial characteristics, which are a great value.
BCN-Vanguardia 2012: Innovation, trends, food technology and dialogue
Organized by Alimentaria and Caterdata Group and invoking the original name of the event, BCN Vanguardia 2012 opted this year by “Innovation” and “Integration”. Food is not only a huge international market, it was also an agora for dialogue, exchange of information, knowledge and space to detect trends. Top experts, recognized expertise and proved solvency were the common axes of the wide range of activities, forums, conferences and workshops scheduled during the show. The event brought more than 4.000 firms and about 140.000 international professional food industry brands with the objective of make networking and find new references.
Silestone Institute is an international organisation dedicated to the study and dissemination of hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom, both in public and private spaces, with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles and habits. The Institute has an Advisory Board integrated by experts on different areas such as food safety, professional kitchen, scientific communication, cleaning products, architecture and design, hotel and restaurant industry, whose knowledge is open to consumers, professionals and society in general
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