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New developments in Antibacterial Technology to meet the demand for Food Safety in today's society
With the aim of better understanding antibacterial technologies and exploring how the food industry can meet its growing demand for safety and health through technology and hygienic design, Silestone Institute brought together Food Safety experts as part of Anuga 2011, a leading food and beverage industry exhibition, held in Cologne (Germany) from October 8 through 12.
The recurring themes in this conference revolved around technology, R&D, the latest trends in antibacterial products and their applications to Food Safety.
Professor Emily Hunt of West Texas University has presented its latest research on new nano-structured metal alloys as potent antibacterial agents and their application to surfaces and coatings to improve Food Safety.
Hans-Werner Bellin, Mechanical Engineer of the European Engineering & Design Group, has shown how hygienic design and engineering in manufacturing processes of food industries contribute to obtain healthier final products.
In this initiative, Silestone Institute carries out the task of developing knowledge and scientific information for professionals and consumers to inform them about the latest advances in technology and products as well as good hygiene practices to improve health and quality of people’s lives.
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