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Science Party - Barcelona 2017
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The Caravan of Health
Architecture and Gastronomy in the Basque Culinary Center fostered by Silestone Institute
David Munoz Lázaro Rosa Violán_ Dialogues of Architecture and Gastronomy
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Passion for gastronomy transforms the interior of domestic kitchens

In recent years we have witnessed a worldwide boom of gastronomy. This not 
only results in a greater interest for the culinary art and good food. The boom has transformed everyday issues as how to see and understand the interior design and decoration of domestic kitchens, which seem increasingly more professional rooms.


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The Caravan of Health starts again with the participation of the Silestone Institute

The Silestone Institute together with Carrefour, chef Ferran Adrià and Disney, are once again on the road to raise awareness among the children about the importance of good nutrition

For the third consecutive year the Caravan of Health will travel over the next six months the Spanish geography to show families the benefits of a healthy diet and some tips to achieve a safer diet.

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The Silestone Institute celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a talk about the kitchen of the future and the publication of a 10-Year Digital Report

The Silestone Institute has celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a talk-colloquium on the kitchen of the future. On the occasion of this commemoration, the Institute has also produced a digital report that collects the contents and activities carried out during these ten years.

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