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Dialogues Paco Roncero
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Science Party - Barcelona 2017
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The Caravan of Health
Architecture and Gastronomy in the Basque Culinary Center fostered by Silestone Institute
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Design or Functionality in a restaurant?

Chef Paco Roncero and the interior designer María Villalón describe the process of designing a restaurant.
Transmitting the essence of the restaurant to the interior designer and chemistry between the chef and the interior designer, achieving good aesthetic and technical lighting and the right choice of the latest materials that provide versatility, aesthetics, durability and resistance are key aspects in the design of a restaurant.​

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Keep your kitchen clean and safe!

Maintaining order and cleanliness in the kitchen is the first step before preparing any recipe. Over time, this space has evolved to become a space where we stay more hours and, sometimes, we are not aware of the importance of cleaning and tidying this space to avoid pollution that could damage food. For this reason, it is essential to use appropriate cleaning products, ventilate well and take special with waste. If you want to maintain your kitchen clean as if it was new, do not miss the following tips from the Silestone Institute.

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The Caravan of Health promotes good nutrition and food safety among Cosentino's employees

The Caravan of Health promoted by Disney, Ferran Adrià, Carrefour and the collaboration of Cosentino Group, has moved to Cosentino’s Group headquarters in Almería with the aim of celebrating the World Health Day. Inside the caravan, the experts have given informative workshops to more than 200 employees who have participated, since more than 1500 people currently work in the Cosentino’s industrial park. Through the nutribus, knowledge has been promoted to workers regarding nutrition and safety in the kitchen space.​

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