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Clean Rim The Gap, a sustainable and hygienic toilet
There is been created the last generation toilet which allows to save up to 33% of water
Who is ‘E. coli’?
It was March 1997 and in the town of Corralejo in Fuerteventura Island there was an outbreak of infection with the bacterium Escherichia coli ', one of the most serious that have occurred in Spain. On that occasion, 'E. coli' infected 14 tourists who were staying in three hotels and also as has happened now in Germany, caused fatalities. A child of three infected did not survive.
24 hours in a bacterium’s life
Audiovisual created to illustrate the hygiene hot spots in the kitchen and mechanisms to prevent the spread of bacteria. With the collaboration of Food, Nutrition and Environment Sl (Alinyma).
PFSS A new concept in food safety management

Food can be a medium of microbial growth and development and therefore is a potential vehicle for disease transmission. The development and implementation of food safety systems throughout the entire food chain is a right and responsibility for every party involved

Metal nanoparticles
These small particles are the new trends in the fight against bacteria because avoiding contact with bacteria is not only important to prevent disease, but also to keep our bodies healthy, no disease and improve the effectiveness of antibiotics.
Trust in Science
Majority support of the Spanish scientific research, over the Europeans and Americans, as a source of comfort
Nanosilver: a new name – well known effects
Nanosilver is not a new discovery, it has been used in various products for over a hundred years. The antimicrobial effects of minute silver particles were known from the earliest days of its use.
Report Projects Bullish Silver Industrial Demand Outlook Through 2015
Forecasts of an outlook for global silver industrial demand.
Stop the population explosion: Wash your hands!
Bacteria have their own population explosion going. They can reproduce every 20 minutes. The number of bacteria on your body right now is greater than the number of people in the United States.
Antibacterial Surface Coatings Applied for Food Safety
Professor Emily Hunt, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from West Texas University, revealed her latest, cutting-edge research into Surface antibacterial coatings applied to food safety.
Advantages of applying technology to food
Technology in food can not only make our food safer and more nutritious, but more affordable, convenient, and better-tasting
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